Sunday, April 13, 2014

UST Engineering Graduation 2014

the feels :)
i'm so happy for my students who were able to make it. :D
congratulations guys! next: board exam! :p
no pressure. top 1-10 for UST and 100% passing rate! :p

also, last night of yolo with teh bern. :(
adhics will miss you teh :")



adhics <3


at CBTL Roxas Blvd

adhics' send off gift to teh bern :D

after namin syang pagtripan at pagtaguan :D

ingat teh bern, galingan mo :D

"to the best fireworks ever"

meet the parents and baccalaureate mass for UST ECE Batch 2014 :D
so proud of my students for all their achievements :)
feeling graduates during baccalaureate mass.
and of course, who would forget the frozen themed pyromusical to send the graduates off? :")

i'll never forget the sermon that day:

"when some things end, let it go."

ECE Faculty at Meet the Parents 2014

sir seig, yung totoo? magkagalit tayo? :p

en-gi-nee-ring!!! :D

e-lec-tro-nics!!! :D

rak na ituuu ^_^

night of food, music, dance and fun with my ECE loves <3
lakas maka-throwback in school uniforms :)
party2x ala-sex bomb back up dancer sa mga kumakanta. :D
boom panes! :p
ECE loves <3
taly. :D parang microelecs time lang :p

cutie klomster :D

si ken po talaga ito :p

you're so cute bbbff bern! :*

need i say more? :p

kanny and bern :) pero mas makulit yung nasa likod :p


yeah, before the party started i was with Laplace -_-

pa-cute si teh bern :p

love this pic. you're so cute here claum. :D nana! <3

bat ang ganda ng mga sizzling diva? :D


pa-picture daw with sir :p

nagmamahal, your UST ECE Faculty <3